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Danny Taylor

Hi. I LOVE the show 'Without a Trace' and my favorite character is Danny.(as I'm sure you've already guessed) This site has character info, LOTS of pics, and info and updates about the show. I get my character info from watching shows and reading transcripts and from other people as well. To add more info to this site click on the contact me link. I hope you enjoy my site



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New Fan Art added thanks to a fan e-mail.

New Pics Added Thanks To A Fan

Sorry I haven't updated this site in so long I've had trouble with my computer. Let me know if there's anything you want me to add.

Added an autographed picture I just got to the 'Special Stuff' PAge. Unfortuantly I had to delete my guest book :( due to problems getting it to load

Im so sorry I havent been doing a very good job at keepin this site runnig. I could really use some help though...

Hi everyone. Unfortuantly I can't seem to get my guest book to work.  If anyone out there knows how to fix it let me know PLEASE!

Added new link

The tentative release date for Miss Congeneality 2 is March 18, 2005. Enrique plays FBI agent Jeff Foreman.

I aplogize for not working on this site for awhile i was in the hospital sick. Don't miss tonights season premire and check out season 1 on DVD its awesome.

Without a Trace will be on at a special night, Saturday September 4 at 10:00pm check out the upcoming episode page for more info.

A NEW page has been added!!! The Fan Art Page is now up and running. Don't forget to submit your fan art to me to be added to the page.

New stuff has been added to the Special stuff page. The article is kind of blurry because i had to shrink it in order for it to fit. If you save the article you can blow it up on your computer and you will be able to read it. Submit stuff for the Special page through the e-mail address.

The Special stuff page has been updated.  I apologize for it taking so long to find more special stuff. Thanks to the fan that sent me the article and to Evan for shrinking it down to size for me.

I'm very excited about the next page to be added to this site! The Fan Art page should be added in August(I'll be gone all of July) In order to make this page I'll need some fan art. This is where you guys come in! E-mail me your favorite fan art or anything else you think would be appropriate for this page at dannytaylorsite@hotmail.com If you want your name, e-mail address, homepage, or anyother info displayed next to your art let me know. Hopefully this page will be really neat.

Watch for a new Enrique pics page coming

CBS plans to ccome out with the first season of 'Without a Trace' on DVD in August 2004

Transcripts from Season 1 and 2 are now available FREE via e-mail dannytaylorsite@hotmail.com

New page added all about The Real Danny Taylor, Enrique Murciano


New page added all about behind the scenes and "Without a Trace" news stories make sure to check it out

New Wallpaper page added

New Quotes Page added


Check out the new pics!



New pics were added to the picture page