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  • Is good with kids
  • has a habit of making up names for his team mates(Fitzy and Vivilina)
  • Is a mets fan
  • dislikes flying. "a plane is not supposed to be in the sky its not natural"
  • some what skeptical of Martins loyalty
  • has a link to the streets and knows a lot about the poorer areas
  • blames himself for the death of his parents. When he was 11 his parents were fighting in the car and he yelled at his dad from the back seat the car crashed and killed both of his parents
  • after his parents died he lived with his older brother until he got arrested. his brother was up for parole and after thinking it over hard Danny helped him get paroled
  • When Danny was a kid his father was very physically abusive
  • he is a recovering alcholic(his father was also an alcholic)
  • he spent time in fostor care
  • he has a nephew named Nikki
  • had his name changed to Danny Taylor
  • got busted as a teen for stealing alchol

Danny grew up with an abusive father who died in an accident when he was 11 years old. His tough childhood makes him very compationate with kids but he sometimes loses his temper. Occasionally explosive and impatient "Danny boy" tends to jump headlong into situations and react rather strongly to certain people. Most the time they are just flashes of anger and he gets over them quickly.  He keeps a tight hold on his other emotions but sometimes loses some control of them when a case hits too close to home.


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