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Heres the one of the pages of pictures. I am constantly updateing with more resent pics. If you have a picture from a specific episode you would like posted e-mail me at 

Thanks to the fan who sent me the following few pictures!:)

Danny holding the victims girlfriend after the SWAT team is forced to open fire at the victim(Gung Ho)

Danny going through the self help books the victim wrote(Life Rules)

Danny and Samatha in a mental hospital where a teenage girl dissapered(Calre De Lune)

Danny interviewing the roomate of the victim who dissapered from a mental hospital(Calre De Lune)

The case hits too close to home for Danny as he takes a break after its all over(Clare De Lune)

Danny testifys at his brother's parole hearing(Legacy)

Danny shows the victims older brother a scar he got when he was a teen from hanging with the wrong crowd (A Tree Falls)

Danny checks out where the victim disapered(Wannabe)

Danny looking through the victims bedroom (Wannabe)

Danny and Sam talk to a girl who OD on Estacy at a party that the coach busted (The Season)

Danny reads some of the writing the victim wrote(Wannabe)

Danny and Samatha interview a teen who intimidated the victim(Wannabe)

After Danny and Jack find the victim hanging from a swing set they rush to take him down and try to get him to breathe (Wannabe)

Danny looking at a victims web site(Prodigy)

Danny making sure the victim is ok (Wannabe)

Danny talking to Martin after he confronts him about his alcholism(The Line)

(The Line)

Danny talking to the assistant fire marshal about evidence(Trip Box)

Danny interviewing the victim's father(Our Sons and Daughters)

(The Line)

Danny lecturing a teen about drug use(Revalations)

Danny waiting for a witness to leave(Revalations)

Danny visits his brother im jail before his parole hearing (Legacy)

Danny and Jack visit a death row inmate who was wrongly convicted(Two Families)

(The Line)