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If you have a favorite Danny Quote e-mail it to me dannytaylorsite@hotmail.com More quotes are coming very soon

Jack: I want you to go through the whole building and ask everyone if they've seen this woman. Danny: It's 55 floors Jack: Where comforatble shoes.

Sam: (on the phone) yeah ok Danny (to Martin) That was Danny he said no one in the building reconized her and he said that his feet hurt very very much.

Danny: So, I heard you got in a fight with PFC Grant. What's the story? Sgt: Honestly? Danny: No, no lie to me.

[bringing in garbage bags of shredded documents] Danny: Can anybody say "Enron"

[Danny and Martin are back from California] Danny: A plane is not supposed to be in the air it's not natural. Martin: Neither was that flight attendant but you weren't scared of her.

[Talking to the stepson of a missing person] Danny: You know what I used to do when I was you age and I missed someone? Robert: What? Danny:  I used to lay in my bed at night and and I used to look out the window and I'd stare up at the sky and name each star after someone I missed. So whenever I felt lonely, I'd look up at the sky and I'd see Daniella, Erica, and Andrea right there. It made it a little better.

[Danny messing around with lab equipment] Stuart Wesmar: I wouldn't touch anything-thats a working plasma laser. Danny: I knew that.

[To the student body drug dealer] Mace Williams: I swear to God I didn't do anything to Mr. Abrams! Danny: Okay, shut up, stop swearing to God, and start telling us why you were going to run.

[interrogating a suspect who shot at him] Danny: And when the ballistics come back positive I've got you for attempted murder--of me.

[at a boxing training camp in the Cayskills] Danny: I don't understand why someone would come all the way out here to get in shape. I've got a gym 19 blocks from my apartment. Samatha:  You're apartments alos in the vicinity of three gentelmens clubs. Danny: I like a little variety in my workout.

[talking to a girl who accidently killed her parents 7 years ago] Danny: I can understand why you want to be alone. It's nice here. Clare, I understand why you feel the way you do. I lost both my parents when I was 11. [sighs] My dad was yelling at my mom. He used to like to yell at my mom. I wanted him to stop, so I said something. Then he turned around and yelled at me. That's when the car started to swerve. I never told anybody that. Ever. And I know what it's like to keep a secret. I didn't mean to do anything wrong that day. I was just a kid.

[going through a suspects apartment] Martin: This guy's an ex-con Danny: What? [holds up a beade box] Martin Prison art. Danny: What, did you do a nickel at pelican bay? Cause if you did I'd be a whole lot nicer to you.

Danny: I didn't actually go to church. When I was 13, I got busted shoplifting a flask of rum from a liqour store. The judge gave me two options: St. Benedict's after-school program or juvie. I figured a couple hours of basketball a day, how hard can it be? Vivian: And how bad was it? Danny: Father Orlando kicked my butt. Probably saved my life.

Danny: When this is all over and you and I are looking for our next gig, I just want you to know that I-I think we'd make a heck of a team. Martin: What, selling shoes? Danny: Shoes, boots, pumps whatever.

[Danny to a drug-dealer] Danny: Hey...nice pony tail

[About a missing girl's art before-and-after she was institutinalized] Danny: There's life in this. Everything she painted after she got here...all darkness.

[About Clare's post tramatic stress disorder] Danny: You know, my parents died when I was Clare's age and I'm not reliving it. Jack: Maybe you're working your way through it. Maybe this is reliving it for you. Danny: Thanks, Dr. Freud

[after seeing Jack leave the therapist office] Danny: Not you too. Jack: No but thanks for asking.

[looking through missing suspects apartment] Danny Isn't it so much easier when they leave the Amtrack schedule right on the coffee table and they've gone as far as circleing the getaway train in red ink?

Danny Sometimes in life you have to face who you are.

Danny: [to his convict brother] Where was the "family man" when I was 14 and Mami and Papi were dead? In the next room sticking needles up his arm.

Rafie(Danny's brother) Papi was a drunk and I spent ten years between his fist and your pretty face.

Martin: [after braking protocol on a case] How long does it take to get out of his dog house? Danny: Depends on the dog. Samatha; Don't mind Danny He's just, uh, marking his territory.

[after an ex-con is found in a stolen car] Danny: I get it...he gave it to you right? Kind of like, uh, "congratulations for getting out of the slammer" gift.

[after Martin is introduced for the first time to the team] Danny: [whispers] Two years working white-collar in Seattle and he gets this assingment? Samatha Doesn't hurt to be Victor Fitzgerald's kid. Danny: Mmmm No wonder he's smiling. Samatha: Not a bad smile, either

[After Danny's been shot at] Jack: [inot the phone] How's he doing? Samatha: Well he'll never admit it, but he's a little amped up.

[Danny giving Jack grief] Jack: What did I take you away from a date? Danny: Actually, yeah. You? Jack: Please

Danny: Morning, hot stuff Samatha Good morning to you. Late night last night? Danny: A mans got to do. Samatha: Yeah? Who's the lucky? Danny: I don't kiss and tell, you know that.

[staking out a bar] Bar Tender: Sure you don't want a real drink? Danny: No, I'm fine. Thanks. Bar Tender; Not on the job? Danny: No, not ever.

[walking up to a missing teachers apartment] Danny: This is three only two more to go. Martin: Oh! Why is it that no walk ups ever live on the first two floors? Danny: Vampires. Martin: Really? Danny: Yeah, they have the lower apartments all to themselves. Martin: No direct sunlight right? Danny; Exactly. Plusthey live to be like 106 years old, so the apartments never turn around. Martin: oh, that's good to know.